10th Annual Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases (SISMID)

University of Washington
July 9 - July 25, 2018
Early Registration Deadline: June 1, 12:00 am PDT(GMT -0700)*Regular registration price will be in effect after 11:59pm on May 31.
Refund Policy:
  • Cancellations made on or before May 31 may be subject to a $25 processing fee.
  • Cancellations made June 1 to June 27 may be subject to a $200 processing fee.
  • No refunds will be processed after June 27.
  • Cancelling a credit card payment, including changing payment from credit card to invoice or UW budget number, will result in applicable cancellation fees ($25, $200).
Registration Type
Module Pricing
General Registration$850.00$750.00


Session 1: July 9 - July 11, 2018
Probability and Statistical Inference
Mathematical Models of Infectious Diseases
Introduction to R
Session 2: July 11 - July 13, 2018
MCMC I for Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Within-Host Models
Stochastic Epidemic Models with Inference
Session 3: July 16 - July 18, 2018
Simulation-based Inference for Epidemiological Dynamics
Microbiome Data Analysis
Statistics and Modeling with Novel Data Streams
Session 4: July 18 - July 20, 2018
MCMC II for Infectious Diseases
Contact Network Epidemiology
Evolutionary Dynamics and Molecular Epidemiology of Viruses
Session 5: July 23 - July 25, 2018
Causal Inference
Spatial Statistics in Epidemiology and Public Health
Pathogen Evolution, Selection, and Immunity

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